Portable Soil Water Monitoring Solution
Diviner 2000 is a portable and robust device measuring soilwater over multiple depths (at 10 cm intervals)in the profile. Diviner 2000 consists of a probe and hand-held data logging display unit.

The patented ‘Swipe and Go’ technology means that Diviner 2000 does not need to be held at each individual depth in the soil profile. To take a reading the encapsulated capacitance sensor is simply swiped in and out of access tube, measuring up to 16 depth in just a few seconds .

Diviner 2000 Probe
• Available in 0.7m, 1.0m and 1.6m lengths
• Portable
• Light weight
• Automatic depth sensing (upto 16 depths)
• Inbuilt probe orientation to increase sensor repeatability
• Quick , accurate and precise

Diviner 2000 Display Unit
• stores data from up to 99 sites
• Data viewed on the large backlit LCD display screen
• Graphical and tabular display of data for instant management decisions
• Handheld
• Data readily downloaded into Sentek’s lrriMAX software

Access Tube
• Customised access tube increases device accuracy , through precise wall thickness and internal diameter of access tube
• Diviner 2000 sensor has no direct contact with the soil
• Minimised soil and root disturbance
• Tubes compatible with EnviroSCAN probes allowing for simple interchange with continuous monitoring