Encapsulated Soil Moisture, Salinity and Temperature Probe
The Drill & Drop is a fully encapsulated, easy to install soil measurement probe. Available with moisture, salinity and temperature sensors at every 10cm (4”) depth.


  • Robust probe and easy installation : Scan the QR code to watch our Drill & Drop video
  • Fully encapsulated electronics
  • Tapered shape allows for extremely fast and high-quality undisturbed installation in majority of soil types
  • Ability to measure the true soil profile, NOT slurry
  • Buriable to any depth
  • Sentek-proven quality soil moisture and salinity measurements
  • Pre-normalised sensors with inbuilt default calibration equations
  • Access soil profile data through IrriMAX Live
  • Available in multiple lengths, and as a single point sensor

User Benefits

  • Great for short-term use, such as in applications of monitoring vegetable crops, due to the fast and easy install
  • Also designed for long-term use, as it can be installed and left untouched for many years
  • Potential water, power, fertilizer and time savings, along with increased yields and quality
  • Slurry-free installation procedure, increasing the reliability of soil moisture and salinity
  • Less prone to machinery damage with electronics being completely buried
  • Combine soil moisture, salinity and temperature readings to see what’s happening in the soil profile