The Proven All-Rounder
The award winning EnviroSCAN probe is the flagship product of Sentak.
It provides the user with great flexibility for precision monitoring of water and salinity at multiple depths in a soil profile.

The EnviroSCAN probe first made its mark in irrigated agriculture, resulting in water saving of 30-50% and substantial yield and quality benefits.
Today it is widely used in all forms of agriculture (irrigated and dryland), environmental applications, research and education , as well as turf, parks and gardens .

The EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that allows for monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe.

EnviroSCAN Probe
Features of the probe include:
• Multiple sensors with adjustable depth placement (at 10cm increments)
• Monitoring from shallow depths (0-10cm) to deep inslallallons (up to 40 metres)
• Flexible probe lengths which can be customised to suit the appllcatlon ( probe length adjustable in the field)
• Up to 16 sensor on one probe (moisture or moisture/salinity)
• In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability
• Full serviceability
• Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options
• Soil specific calibrations can be applied to individual sensors

Probes are installed into customised access tubes to allow for:
• Improved sansor accuracy through precise wall thickness and diameter of access tube
• Protection of sensors by avoiding direct soil contact
• Specific sealing to ensure long-term operation
• Full in-field serviceability without impacting on data integrity

Installation of access tubes is carried out using specialised tools to ensure minimum soil disturbance during installation and hence measurement of an undisturbed soil profile.

Probe Sealing
The bottom of the access tube is typically sealed using a double-ringed expandable rubber bung, providing 2 sealing points and preventing underground moisture from entering the tube . A slurry cap is also available.

The top of the access tube is sealed with 2 different top cap designs, depending on application .

EnviroSCAN Screw Cap
• Top cap protrudes above the soil surface
• Easy to find readily accessible
• Tightly sealed with a rubber O-ring
• Simply un-screws, giving easy access to the probe for servicing

EnviroSCAN Flat Cap
• Allows for the probe to sit flush with the ground surface
• Water-tight, 3 point sealing design
• Provides ready access to the probe for servicing
• Avoids potentially costly damage from machinery